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Santa Maria Valley 205

Engine 205 was built in 1924 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the San Joaquin and Eastern Railroad and used by the railroad until it shut down in 1933. Following the closure of the SJ&E the locomotive was sold to the Santa Maria Valley RR and moved to Santa Maria, CA.  The 205 operated on the SMV until 1950 when it was donated to the city of Santa Maria and placed on display in 1950. 

In 1983 the 205 was sold to George Lavacot and moved to Independence. OR. where the restoration of the locomotive began.  George and a group of friends met regularly over the following 38 years to bring 205 back to life.  During the restoration one of George’s good friends, who was a member of the team maintaining the SP 4449 and was enamored by large mainline locomotive, commented that the 205 was nothing but a “Baldwin pig of a locomotive”, commenting on her humble beginnings and slightly obscure use by shortline railroads in California.  Following this comment, the name “Porky” was given to the locomotive and the pig theme stuck throughout the restoration.  Sometimes you will see a pig mascot hanging out and riding on the headlight of the locomotive.

In 2021 following the successful restoration of the engine George sold the engine to the Albany and Eastern Railroad where a good home could be provided, and the locomotive would be operated in a way that would allow it to be seen by the public.  SMV 205 is used by AERC on select weekends throughout the year.